Russia's "resort capital" is located on the East - North Black Sea coast, belonging to Krasnodarsk province, 1700 km from Moscow.
Places to visit
The fairy land is surrounded by the tranquility of the mountains, the tranquility of the crystal-clear mountain lakes and the lush white snow covered the peaks that seem to be associated with the blue sky.
The hills and mountains are located on the Black coast, fragrant with the flowers of the mountains, sweet in the clean air, hovering in the vast green forests, on the small rivers from the mountain filled with red foren, but here called "Goldfish", salmon, are seeking to cross the waterfall - all of these fairy paintings you can find at the Krasnaia Poliana resort - resort in Sochi.
The tourist center, with rich mineral water, winding ski paths, thanks to the cable car, you can climb up to 2250m to drop your soul into this wonderful Capcas mountain landscape.
The tour along the Mgium-ta River, translated as wild by the truly ferocious river full of confusion and is also the largest river of the Black Sea. Running along the 17km river, you can visit the largest Red Fish Farm in Russia. Here, after visiting the entire process of industrial fish farming, from incubating eggs until fish emerge, guests can visit the cafe, where no one can ignore the cuisine from fish Red foren is cooked according to the special secret of the people of the Caucasus mountains.
Visit the most famous ski resorts of Russia - RozaKhutor, Gazprom are modern winter ski resorts that the President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation often come to rest and ski during winter holidays. If you love the height, you can sit on the cable car to climb to the height of 2250 m. You will take the cable car, in a modern cabin, running through 2 stations. The first station will reach a height of 1600 m and the second one will add another 1650 m. Here, you can admire the entire ski race over 30 km long, winding the green gorges in summer and white snow in winter.
Ice skating arena - where skating competitions and speed skating competitions took place during the 22nd Olympics in 2014. Fist Stadium - where the opening ceremony took place grand opening and closing ceremony in Olympic history Formula 1
The suspension bridge connecting the two mountains was opened in June 2014, according to the architectural project created by Russian and New Zealand architects. The sphere is made of transparent hard plastic so that you can see through the foot of the mountain from a height of 207 m. Teleleskol suspension bridge is 439 m long and just over 70 cm across, which is not enough for two people to go shoulder to shoulder and can withstand a weight of over 300 tons. Near the middle of the bridge, there is a place reserved for those who want to test their thrills by jumping with rubber bands, head down under the mountain from a height of 207m, which attracts a lot of young people waiting in line to try " psychotic ".