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Rolim Travel Company for 10 years in the tourism market in Russia. We are one of the largest tour operators in organizing a group tour for foreign tourists. Our service quality, with us securely.
Come to Russia in the spring to see all the vigor of life like the Russian people - the trees sprouting up. When coming to the summer of Russia, you will be surprised by the splendid scenery of flowers, the coolness under your feet when stepping on the green grass. Romantic Autumn of Russia, bringing you back to the remembrance of poems, lyrical songs with dreamy red and yellow autumn colors. What about temperatures below -15 degrees? Let Rolim Travel experience the lovely cold, white snow covered wooden houses, you will feel like you are lost in the world of fairy tales.

Rolim Travel will help you complete the fastest and most convenient legal procedures so that you can take a real trip that dreams of discovering a magnificent but gentle Russia with the wonders of the condensed world here!

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